About Us

My Money Insights was built to create trust-worthy and down-to-earth personal finance tips since 2021. We aim to be an essential resource for Asians interested in personal finance and financial literacy.

Topics include investing, savings, making money, budgeting and being aware of financial news.

My Money Insights was built with the mission to educate and empower individuals to have the ability to take their finances into their own hands.

jessica wee

Our Founder

  • Jessica Wee is former banker with 13 years experience in stockbroking and private banking. Geared with knowledge gained through trading for her foreign institutional clients and handling client’s asset under management of more than RM1bil, she is now  helping others to navigate the web of money management using investment strategies that she learnt.
  • After her ‘corporate retirement’ at age 38, she received many enquiries from friends regarding conservative money management to invest extra funds earned throughout their 10-15 years careers.  They wouldn’t want to invest their hard-earned money in risky instruments and so the foundation of this money blog was built!
  • Having seen the intensity of a trading hall as well as crafting investment proposals for high net worth clients, Jessica gained the insights on what works best to balance capital protection and portfolio growth. If you have heard of the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) concept, then you’ve come to the right place! If not, you’ve still come to the right place to learn!
  • Getting into the stockbroking industry wasn’t easy as most people would need to get a Chartered Financial Analyst certification. Jessica was lucky to have gained a strong network of friends at her first investment banking job and that got her foot into the door of a local stockbroker. It got harder because she had 6 months to prove herself and to pass the licensing examination. She became the first person to come to work and the last to leave, in addition to having lunch at her desk everyday to study for her examination. It paid off in the end and she was confirmed for her role after 4 months, the day she passed her licensing examination!
  • Life is an ongoing learning process. We hope you, our dear reader, will share your thoughts and feedback on our posts as well as let us know what has caught your interest lately so that we can continuous write and do a casual group virtual chat about those topics.

Meet Our Team

hanniz lam
  • Hanniz Lam is a tech advocate with a creative flair. With more than 20 years in the creative and content industry producing events and promoting ways for businesses to move online, she has now joined Jessica in her new venture. In My Money Insights, Hanniz shares about ways to make money. She also adds some colour to the website and social media channels.