Chinese New Year is barely over and I’m talking about taxes? Well…it’s better to prepare for it early in the year rather than when you’re swamped with work by March and before you know it April rolls around the corner and you find yourself in your usual annual state of panic.

I’ve had the same tax lady since 2008. We’ll call her Alia. Alia is formal, affordable, and very efficient. I have a recurring calendar reminder set for January 15th: “Call Alia.”

Well, not really but I’ve set my yearly goal to compile all my billings and receipts by end Dec and tidy up the Excel sheets by 15th Jan so I can send them off to her to do the necessary tax filing work.

Alia makes my life easier—so if you don’t have an Alia in your life and want to save yourself a few headaches, the smart move is to contact a tax preparer now.

“But Hanniz,” you might say. “Taxes aren’t due until April.” Yes, reader, that is true. But LHDN starts accepting tax returns in late January, and filing earlier means potentially getting your refund sooner (at least for e-filers). Plus, tax pros are generally swamped in March and April. Wait too long and your Alia might already have a stack o’ returns taller than a roti canai skyscraper.

Even if you don’t have all your necessary tax documents (Borang BE, for example), now is a great time to find your very own Alia. Talk to your new tax pro about your goals, unusual tax filing circumstances, and any questions you may have about the process. 

In case you need a step-by-step guide, I’m not here to do that for you but you can check out the article our friends at has hardworkingly done for you.

Good luck!

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