2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit, which previously occurred in 1963. The Water Rabbit is said to have the ability to turn unfortunate events around. It’s a great time to focus on our finances and work towards increasing our income. Whether it’s investing in stocks, property, or other types of savings plans, now is the time to make smart financial moves. Breaking it down to the five Chinese elements, we will see where the strength lies according to the Feng Shui concept.

This element has the most consistent energy presence and hence, the main beneficiary of the year. It is also a hidden element, i.e. only those with privileged information, wisdom and professional advice will stand to gain as it gains traction with the intellectual properties of the Water element in the year.

The first quarter presents its best opportunities and in the last quarter, expect some volatility and surprises. Stay invested and be nimble.

Sector winners: Banking, payments, aviation

The presence of Water element this year offers the financial opportunities for Earth sectors (i.e. real estate, property, data storage facilities, human resource) to thrive.

Expect real estate to come under pressure following inflationary and monetary policies in the short term. In the mid/long term, these sectors will benefit exponentially.

Sector winners: Data storage facilities, family offices, residential properties

This element will only make its entrance in the second half of the year. The Fire sector includes finance, energy, chemicals, medical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, startups, entertainment, lifestyle services.

Technology, telcos, tourism and travels will be good when it starts getting priced fairly in 2H. The upside is significant in the long term.

Look out for revolutionary changes in alternative energy, high speed communication, advanced medicine, UX, AI, EV, big data and robotics.

Sector winners: Pharmaceuticals, EV, Healthcare

Water sectors such as travel, water sports, drinks and alcohol are deemed as fluid. Other activities associated with this element are water treatment facilities, filtrations, life saving aids, logistics, marine life, fisheries, boating, vessels, offshore and diving services.

2023 will likely see these businesses stay afloat but not thrive. Water is transformative and therefore, one must be able to track their volatility and benefit from their movements. Profits from the Water industries are rapid and volatile. Set your limits and react as fluid as water.

Sector winners: Social media, air travel, wellness

The growth of Wood element this year will be slow and gradual. Wood businesses are viewed as things associated with growth and expansion. Think education institutions, trading, networking businesses, new economies, fund management and hostel facilities.

It may result in a year of hard work with little or poor resources and underrated.

As soon as the Fire element approaches as early as May, the path ahead will be challenging. It can even mean some painful decisions when August approaches. This will put the business under threat and within it, value for the brave to step in and rescue it from ruins.

Sector winners: civil service, recycling, social media

May the Year of the Rabbit bring peace, harmony, and tranquility to all our readers. We at Mymoneyinsights.asia look forward to the year ahead!

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