By Hanniz Lam

The holiday season is here, officially. How do I know? The mad traffic leading to malls and the number of people shopping online!

Malaysia’s digital economy growth is gaining traction with e-commerce income rising close to US$190 billion, an increase of 23%, for the first nine months of this year (9M21), compared to the same period last year.

We know that these two years hasn’t been too easy but we do want some cheer in our lives so if you’re planning on getting gifts for your loved ones this Christmas or for your year-end celebration, check out these gifts below.

And we’re not talking gifts above RM50 because gifts should be meaningful and not burn a hole in your pocket. Having said that, FAVE is having a Christmas campaign that gives users up to RM50 cashback when they split their payment using the FavePay Later option. With FavePay Later, users can split their payment into three installments, interest free. Jump straight to FavePay Later products at the bottom of the page.

The gifts listed here might not be super unique but they are meaningful so there’s less pressure on you to find something even more unique next year.

None of them will break the bank, all will be enjoyed, and the holidays will indeed go on.

Fulleaf Tea Store 7-Day Tea Box RM28

Instead of having a white Christmas, the Malaysian weather tends to be cooler in December so having a warm drink in hand brings comfort.

For your tea-loving loved ones, Fulleaf Tea Store has a 7-day box of tea at just RM28.

Their direct-from-the-farm tea is available in 24 flavours for you to choose 7 flavours from. Each flavour has its own health benefits from helping to reduce stress levels to having glowing healthy skin. What a great way to end the year and start 2022!




christmas earrings

The Mini Diary Shimmer & Sparkle Zenith Earrings RM45

Diamonds don’t have to be the only girl’s best friend. Zenith Sparkly Earrings can also spruce up your friend’s outfit of the day.

Most of the metal components are made with either 14k, 18k or 24k gold plated findings, and 925 silver post which is suitable for sensitive skin.

All handmade jewellery are delicately handcrafted and can be purchased HERE. Complimentary Christmas wrapping is available upon request.

Miracle by Mel Burnt Cheesecake and White Chocolate Chip cookies RM45

Miracle By Mel, an online home-bakery specialising in burnt cheesecakes, has The Miracle Box. The box includes a quarter of original burnt cheesecake, a quarter of matcha burnt cheesecake and 3pcs of matcha white chocolate chip cookies, with free Christmas gift wrapping service.

Purchase The Miracle Box HERE

tea amore premiere macha latte

Tea Amore Malaysia Premium Matcha Latte 100g – RM32.80

If you know someone who loves Matcha tea that is easy to prepare WITHOUT requiring a whisk, and is easily dissolved, this is the gift for her/him. It does not contain any milk, so you don’t have to worry about your friend reacting to a milk allergy.

Matcha makes an ideal coffee substitute as it has a higher caffeine level but WITHOUT the crashing effect afterwards.

Tea Amore Malaysia imports its tea from a company with more than 100 years history in Japan so you’re in good hands.

Tea Amore Malaysia is offering a FREE GIFT inside the ziplock pouch so that’s a BONUS! To get your hands on this gift, CLICK HERE

Super Gift Vintage Feather Pen Gift Set RM23.90 & RM43.90

Tired of seeing your friends typing and losing their beautiful handwriting skills? This is the perfect gift for him/her!

There are two options for you to choose from.

Super Gift Vintage Feather Pen Gift Set RM23.90

This gift set come with a unique quill pen and ink bottle. The Quill pen is made of alloy material and natural feather.

The gift box includes 1 x feather pen, 3 x exchange pen tips, and 1 x ink bottle

CLICK HERE to get this gift

Super Gift Vintage Feather Pen Journal Book Diary Book Traveler Diary Set RM43.90

This gift set come with a unique quill pen with vintage journal book. The journal is made of the high quality of PU leather, which is soft and durable for travel or outdoor adventure.

The inserts of the journal book are craft paper which you can write and draw on to capture the memories without the need to take a photo of everything.

The gift box includes 1 feather pen, 1 pen holder, 1 leather journal, and 1 ink bottle.

CLICK HERE to get this gift

Vintage feather pen gift set

Call Me Baby 10-in-1 Lift Me Up Miracle Mist Trial Kit RM25

This product simplifies your loved ones’ beauty regime by doing away with toners, serums, and moisturisers. So if you’ve been grumbling about how long they take to get their skin prepped and beautiful in the mornings, this is the product for you!

The Miracle Mist promises to lift, sculpt, shape, give a radiant glow, brighten and evens skin tone, makes pores less visible, reduces crows feet, soften fine lines and wrinkles. Sure sounds like a miracle!

The product contains Amino peptides, hydrolysed collagen and natural plant extracts and is suitable for all skin types.

Get it HERE

TwoFrens Skinnies Christmas Gift Set RM38

A Woman’s Hair Is Her Crown And Glory. These hair-ties aren’t just any hair tie. What makes these hair ties special is that they are Eco-Friendly.

TwoFrens locally-handsewn products are coloured by nature and some products are dyed using repurposed ingredients (e.g used tea leaves).

They use natural fabric (i.e cotton, cotton silk blend) as it is biodegradable overtime compared to synthetic fabrics which are made from plastic.

With fast fashion being looked down upon, this is the perfect gift to get your loved ones. RM2 per transaction will be donated to the Malaysian Nature Society to help preserve our unique rainforest.

CLICK HERE to get this gift

twofrens hair
Neveleartisan candle and soap

Nevele Artisan  Christmas Gift Set RM50

Nice scented and soaps must be part of every gift list no matter what season.

Nevele Artisan’s Christmas Gift Box includes:-

x1 100g Candle

Tranquillity Scent- Jasmine, Rose and White Musk
Weight: 100g | Wax: Soy blend
Burn time: ~30 hours

x1 Organic Red Rose Soap

Fragrance: Peach and Guava
Ingredient: Olive oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Avocado oil, Palm kernel oil, Castor oil.

Get it HERE

happi.kloth Modern Retro Set || Pack of 3 Swedish Cloths RM49.90

What Are Swedish Dishcloths? In Short, They Are – Soft & Spongy, Aesthetically Pleasing Cloths, lasting up to nine months, one cloth has the durability of 15 rolls of paper towels!

If you’ve been cringing at the amount of paper towels being used in your friend’s kitchen and were afraid to be called names when calling him/her out for killing trees, this is the gift for you.

100% Biodegradable and Compostable – Made of All-Natural 70% Cellulose & 30% Cotton, your friend can do his/her cleaning guilt-free.

You’ll also be doing some good as a portion of profit from every purchase will be donated towards APE Malaysia tree planting initiative in the Borneo Rainforests.

CLICK HERE to purchase

Disclaimer: Only get this gift if you’re 150% sure your friend enjoys cleaning like Monica of FRIENDS does or he/she might just throw a broom at you for giving a practical but pretty gift.

christmas bag

4Leaftea Floral Tea RM12.11 – RM15.90

Herbal tea has the reputation for its health benefits when taken in moderation, just like anything else. Here are the top three choices:

4Leaftea Royal Bloom Baby Chrysanthemum Flower Tea 50g RM15.80

This tea is great if your friend has been complaining about heatiness, stress and dry eyes.

*not recommended for women undergoing pregnancy or menstruation cycle

Get it HERE

4Leaftea Rosy Passion Premium Rose Bud Flower Tea RM14.73

This tea is great if your loved one needs help to manage her period cramps and should be drank before menstruation cycles. It has high Vitamin C content so it helps in maintaining healthy and radiant skin. Premium rose bud flower tea’s calming aroma helps in relaxing after a full day of stress at work.

It is also loaded with antioxidants to help boost your loved ones immune system.

*not recommended for women undergoing pregnancy or menstruation cycle

Get it HERE

4Leaftea Lucky Icarus Premium Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea RM12.11

Another tea that is great at reducing stress levels, the Blue butterfly pea flower tea also has high antioxidant properties for better skin and immune system.

The natural blue dye can be mixed with lime or lemon juice to create a cool coloured mocktail/cocktail mixtures
or food coloring for Kuih Pulut Tai Tai, Nasi Kerabu and many more.

*not recommended for women undergoing pregnancy or menstruation cycle

Get it HERE

For every two packs of 4Leaftea ordered, customers will get:

1.A Discounted price of up to 25% (NP RM15.80 per pack)
2. A Free X’mas pouch bag
3. A Free mini X’mas card (can also customize X’mas message)

Honeybee Gifts Christmas Themed Thermos RM25

Your friend has been eyeing the Christmas Starbucks thermos but you know you can give her something more personalised and less commercial. And you’re right! This white coloured thermos can be personalised with your friend’s name on it.

Of course it will keep drinks at the right temperature for longer hours (6-12 hours) too because of its double layer stainless steel material and high tech vacuum heat insulation layer in the middle.

The 24cm (H) x 7cm (Diameter) thermos has a food grade PP plastic cap to avoid your friend being poisoned.

Order yours HERE

christmas thermos
double dare softdrink

Double Dare Non-Alcoholic Soda Cocktails (RM22 set of 4 flavours)

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic drink that looks cool and will surely be a ice-breaker to bring to a party, this is it.

More than 3,000,000 bottles have been sold in Egypt, where it was created.

The 275ml bottle is available in 4 flavours- Grapes, Coconut, Lemon Twist, Watermelon.

Get them HERE

WAY Sauces 200g x 2 jars from RM29.90

People often lack the time to prepare a tasty and nutritious meal for themselves amidst their busy lives. WAY has created a range of products that captures the authentic taste of Malaysia conveniently in a jar. The traditionally laborious methods of preparing a meal can be skipped. Using only fresh ingredients, with no added preservatives and additives, WAY will be  great gift especially for friends who enjoy cooking good healthy meals.

WAY is having a promo- with ANY PURCHASE from their website, you will get 2 sachets of 100g sauces for FREE* (random flavours)!

Get your yummy sauces HERE

way natural ingredient sauces

USB Mini air humidifier (300ml) -white / pink / blue
RM33 + RM9 shipping West malaysia/ RM15 (East Malaysia)

Your loved ones have been complaining about their skin feeling dry especially after a whole day in an air-conditioned room.

This Deer Designed USB Air Humidifier would help you out.

Get it HERE

FavePay Later Deals RM189.90 to RM229.00

xixili sleepwear


RM189.90 (RM63.30 x 3 months)

Satin soft sleepwear

– A line sleepwear with a flare
– Comes with a matching robe
– Mid-thigh length
– Fabricated in a satin soft fabric
– Fine sheer lace detailing over the bust and hems
– Slip comes with spaghetti strapped shoulder straps
– Robe has 3/4 length sleeves


Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite


RM209 (RM69.67 X 3 months)

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, Mi Watch Lite keeps track of your movement in real time and supports setting specific
workout goals to help improve the results of your exercise.

Get it HERE

tefal toaster


RM229 (RM76.30 x 3 months)

Toast n’ Egg, all you need for breakfast in one single appliance!

  • It features 4 functions : the cancel button, to immediately stop the toasting cycle, the egg function, the toast function and the egg and toast function.
  • Its 5 browning control will enable you to enjoy your toast, just the way you like it.
  • The steamer tray, for hard boiling eggs and the egg-poaching tray will help you to cook perfect eggs !
  • Rounding it all off, the high-lift facility, crumb tray and cord storage, for an easy-to-use toaster.

Get it HERE


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