By Jesssica Wee

Have you ever given a thought about how you handle your physical money? Are all your bank notes neatly stacked, facing up? Or is it crumpled in your pocket/ on the side of the wallet compartment?

I have observed three types of “money handlers” growing up, and what also typically comes with it. Personally, I think how we handle and respect money physically is a direct reflection of how we will handle our finances overall. If we are disorganized with our cash, we are most likely disorganised with all of our finances.

  1. Disorganised and therefore, broke

Crumpled bank notes and stashed in several compartments of a messy handbag or wallet – this level of disorganisation shows you do not know at any one time how much cash-at-hand you have and will have to look in several locations to gather an amount of cash.

If I have just described you, it is time to think about your attitude and mindset towards money. Treating your money like this means you don’t respect it. It creates an environment where you can easily lose it, and makes it harder when you need to pay for something. The cashier accepting your crumpled money is thinking the same way as I do.

If you are disorganised this way, you are also probably broke and have little financial planning. It’s time to start treating your cash with respect, and you will soon start seeing yourself moving in the right direction.

2. Semi-organised and working towards a money goal

Folded banknotes, not properly stacked. Not keeping your money in order in your wallet or purse. At least you made an effort to straighten things out the wrinkled notes.

If you are semi-organised with your cash, it is more likely to have made a plan and working towards a money goal. You would at least have set a budget, keep track of your expenses, and have a good level of respect for the bank notes in your wallet.

When paying for things, you tend to attempt to straighten out banknotes before handing them to a cashier, without scrambling to find the exact amount. You know what each denomination you have and where it’s located.

You are moving in the right direction with your money, and your cash shows it.

3. Organised banknotes, on track

Are all your bank notes looking crisp and stacked properly with all facing up?

If you use a money clip, are all your bills facing the same direction?

If I have described you, it could mean you have a high respect for your money, and I am certain that your finances reflect this.

This is the most organized level of cash handling, and it usually means that the person is on track financially. You budget and are always how you spend your money. aware. And above all, you respect your money and show this through its organisation and how you part with it.

If you are struggling with your finances, start by taking a peek into your wallet. The goal here isn’t to make you feel guilty – we would like to start creating an awareness that your attitude towards money starts with the small gesture of getting your wallet in order.

In the end, how you physically handle your money reflects your overall financial life. It’s all about your money mindset!

Do you agree with the above?


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