Most non-banking background individuals are unaware of the business segmentation that exists in a bank. Below is a breakdown of Mass customers, Emerging affluent, Mass affluent & Private Banking clients.

AUM segmentation

Segmentation is a way for banks to focus on its ambition to meet & treat the right clients with the largest potential & work with clients with the largest needs. It is done with the focus being able to ‘own’ the client in its entirety i.e. being able to capture all banking businesses required by the client. Segmentation is done through client insight analysis and predictive modelling to outline numerous factors including age, gender, income, lifestyle, behaviour etc. Hence, the rise of big data needs for banks.

Asset under managers (AUM) is the tabulation of your assets (FD, properties, stocks, bonds, EPF & etc) minus your liabilities (mortgage, personal loan, credit card debt & etc).

The higher one moves up the banking rank, the more financial product choices are available and the better your borrowing/ FD rates will be. Banks love retaining and lending to rich clients. 

In conclusion, it is worth it to keep at least 1 major banking relationship where all your transactions takes place. 


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